Car Sharing

Sharing makes life beautiful…

Many people travel the same route on a daily basis. People use separate vehicles to travel from the same area in order to commute to their workplaces or schools. Whereas, car sharing is much more sustainable both financially and ecologically and provides an enjoyable way to socialize.

There are two options for car sharing. The first option is to share your vehicle or accompany another person who is travelling to the same destination. The second option is to rent a corporate vehicle with a group of people. Car sharing, which is considered a means of public transport, ensures a more ecological solution to transportation. The largest car sharing site is Zipcar which operates in various cities of the USA and the UK.

In many developed countries in which car sharing has become a culture, separate roads have been constructed for vehicles with a certain number of passengers to travel from lanes with less traffic density. While there have been attempts to promote car sharing in Cyprus with mobile applications (such as HOBBA), these attempts were not completed.

In the future, intends to turn car sharing into a culture by becoming a platform in which car sharing is encouraged by providing people with the option to enter their daily routes into a system.