The airports you may use to travel to Cyprus are Paphos and Larnaca. It is possible to travel to Ercan Airport (non-recognised) from various locations in Turkey. You can also travel to Cyprus from Europe and other areas around the world by using the airports of Larnaca or Paphos.

Visitors travelling from Europe and other countries to the northern part of the island do not need to obtain a visa. Visas are only required for Nigerian and Armenian travellers. However, we suggest you contact official authorities to receive accurate information.

Visitors arriving to Cyprus from Ercan Airport (non-recognised) who do not hold European Union citizenship, may face difficulties while travelling to the Republic of Cyprus. Therefore, contact authorities (embassy, tourism offices, ports etc.) to find out about the area’s requirements before visiting the island. does not take responsibility for issues you may face during your travels.

By using non-recognised “Kyrenia Touristic Harbour”, Limassol Port, Larnaca, Paphos or Latchi Marinas, you can also travel to the island by sea.

Republic of Cyprus

Larnaca International Airport of the Republic of Cyprus is located 4 kilometres southwest of the city Larnaca. It is the main entry point to the Republic of Cyprus and is the larger of the two commercial airports. Paphos International Airport is the second largest airport and is located in the south-western part of the Republic of Cyprus. Paphos Airport is mostly used by tourist who visit the south-western part of the island.

Larnaca Airport:

Paphos Airport:

Larnaca International Airport 
Tel.77778833 (local calls only)
+357 25 123022 (int. calls only)
Fax +357 24 008117
Larnaka International Airport

 P.O. Box 43027 P.C. 6650 Larnaka –Cyprus

Pafos International Airport 
Tel.77778833 (local calls only)
+357 25 123022 (int. calls only)
Fax +357 26 007100
Pafos International Airport
P.O. Box 62320 P.C. 8063 Pafos, Cyprus

Airport Transfer Buses

Kapnos & Sons Transport Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 771 477 / (+357) 24 008 718
Routes available:
– Lefkosia-Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport-Lefkosia
– Lefkosia-Pafos Airport, Pafos Airport-Lefkosia
– Larnaka-Pafos Airport, Pafos Airport-Larnaka

Transport Company for Limassol District (EMEL) Ltd
Tel: (+357) 77 778 121 / (+357) 77 777 075 / (+357) 97 779 090
Routes available:
– Lemesos-Larnaka Airport, Larnaka Airport-Lemesos
– Lemesos-Pafos Airport, Pafos Airport–Lemesos


Click on links below to view a list of all bus routes, airport shuttle services and airport bus timetables to and from Larnaka International Airport.  

Larnaka International Airport Buses

Pafos International Airport Buses

For information and timetables on Kapnos Airport Shuttle offering transports to and from Larnaka International Airport and Pafos International Airport click here


Now planning your route to and from the airport couldn’t be easier.  Just enter your origin, destination, date and time.

Larnaka International Airport Buses

Pafos International Airport Buses


Select relevant link and find all about closest bus stops to the ports where users can see the connecting bus routes.

Limassol Old Port 

Limassol Port 

Larnaka Marina 

Pafos Marina

Latchi Marina


Price per person: 9.00 Euros

Price per child under 12 years old: 4.00 Euros  


Nicosia – Larnaca airport. Price per adult: 8.00 Euros 

Nicosia – Paphos airport. Price per adult: 15.00 Euros 

Larnaca – Paphos airport. Price per adult: 15.00 Euros 

Price per child 2-12 years old: 5.00 Euros 

the northern part of Cyprus

Non-recognised Ercan Airport is located 23 kilometres from the capital Nicosia, 44 kilometres from Kyrenia and 50 kilometres from Famagusta. “Ercan Airport” (non-recognised) Information Telephone: +90 (392) 600 5000 Fax: +90 392 600 50 60




It is possible to travel to Cyprus by sea. You may visit Cyprus by using the ferryboats travelling from Tasucu to Kyrenia. For information on the ferryboat services click the link below.


KIBHAS bus services provide transportation from non-recognised Ercan Airport, which is 24 kilometres from Nicosia, to the cities.

KIBHAS buses travel from non-recognised Ercan to Nicosia and from Nicosia Bus Terminal to non-recognised Ercan at the stated departure times.