About VirraCyprus.com

In Cyprus, public transportation is not frequently used and private vehicles are generally preferred as a means of transport. Individuals who would like to use public transport face difficulties about finding information regarding routes, services and tariffs. The aims of VirraCyprus.com are to collect information on “Alternative Transportation in Cyprus” (means of transportation except private vehicles) in order to increase the use of alternative transportation and enhance the service quality by providing users with a transparent, high quality, effective database. With this website, it is expected that environmental pollution, traffic density and stress due to traffic will decrease.

As a result of this action, information on transportation (especially public transportation) all around Cyprus will be collated, and both residents and visitors of the island will have the opportunity to find out about alternative transportation which will consequently contribute to economic and social development in Cyprus. With this website, which can be considered as part of active citizenship and the right to the city, a decrease is expected in both traffic density caused by widespread use of private vehicles in Cyprus and in environmental pollution resulting from exhaust emissions. While the main goal is to gather information on alternative transportation and ensuring it becomes open and accessible information, the ultimate goal is to reduce environmental pollution and traffic density by promoting alternative means of transport, ensuring travels across the island and contributing to social and economic growth. As the website also includes information on university transport services, it will provide students with easy access to services of their own universities.

As VirraCyprus.com will include data on the entire island, it encourages communities to travel all over Cyprus and aims at providing easy options towards this goal. Individuals with disabilities are part of the island’s community and are deprived of transportation which is one of their fundamental rights. This website has been designed for people with disabilities as it also includes content on disabled-friendly transportation methods. Since public transportation are spaces for socializing and blending of cultural diversities, this website will also contribute to increasing cross-cultural coherence and diversity. VirraCyprus.com will be updated in line with information provided by you, and will include recent updates on cycle paths, walking trails, public transport legal framework, traffic rules and other similar issues.

Our non-profit website created on a voluntary basis and is supported by many non-governmental organisations and volunteers, for detailed information please check the “Partners” section.

If you would like to share information and ideas, add new routes and services or become a volunteer please feel free to contact us.